Monday, 18 November 2019

What Will you do When QuickBooks Error TD500 Occur?

QuickBooks Error TD500 happens when users try to access or process a credit card in QuickBooks application. The error can cause numerous issues including system shut down, slow Internet server and PC freezing. Although the main cause of the error can be as you are using more than one version of the software. “QBs no longer takes us to the card connect online payment portal”, the error message shows on your computer screen. Go through the blog and learn how can you deal with QuickBooks error TD500 within the least expected time.

QuickBooks Error TD500
QuickBooks Error TD500
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Symptoms of QuickBooks Error TD500 

  • Your PC starts to freeze
  • Network goes slow
  • The system will shut down
  • You are no longer to update your card payment

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error TD500

You can get an error message because of a number of reasons, some of listed here:

  • Due to the slow Internet network
  • Details of your card are not right
  • Because of the low availability of network
  • You are using an old version of QuickBooks

How to Deal With QuickBooks Error TD500?

Solution 1. Uninstall QuickBooks Then Re-install the Application

  • Open QuickBooks then Press F2 Key
  • Close QuickBooks Windows
  • Click on Start button and open Control Panel
  • Go to Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program
  • Select QuickBooks Desktop 2016 or QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0 then click on Uninstall/Change option
  • Sign out Windows and Sign-in back as Windows Admin
  • Now download the Repair file
  • Open the file by clicking on it
  • Select quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat then Run as Administrator
  • Wait for installation to be done
  • Open QuickBooks version which has the error
  • Restart your PC & Check for the issue

Solution 2. Update Your QuickBooks With Repair File

  • Open QuickBooks & press F2 key
  • Close the application
  • Go to Start button
  • Scroll down to the Letter Q
  • Open QuickBooks software
  • Go to Help then Update QuickBooks
  • Download the Repair File
  • Click on quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat then Run as Administrator.
  • Restart your PC again
  • Check for the error
Read all the steps and fix QuickBooks Error TD500 in few easy steps. Although you can fix the error in the other way. For further updates and detailed information, contact us through QuickBooks toll-free number 844-888-4666 and fulfill your requirements and demands shortly.

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