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How can QuickBooks Error PS060 be resolved efficiently?

QuickBooks Error PS060

In the world of business accounting, the emergence of QuickBooks brought a complete revolution that redefined the entire accounting concepts. It made complicated and time - taking business accountancy faster, more comfortable, more accurate, and efficient. The trouble with QuickBooks is that while working with it, users come across various technical issues followed by error messages and specific codes that affect their workflow badly. This blog-post will help you know the resolving process of QuickBooks Error ps060.

QuickBooks Error ps060 reflects a specific error message “Current Enhanced Payroll Service is unavailable” and does not allow you to access and manage your QB Payroll. To resolve this issue quickly and without complications get in touch with the QB Error Support Team at QuickBooks Customer Support Helpline Number 844-888-4666.

What is the reason for the occurrence of QB Error PS060?

The adequate troubleshooting method and steps can be initiated only after knowing the appropriate reason for their occurrence. Some of the common causes are furnished below -
  1. There would be some issues related to QB subscription settings. 
  2. Your subscription for QB Payroll might have lapsed. 
  3. There would be an extreme server issue.
  4. You might have been using an old or outdated version of QB Payroll.
  5. There would be a Malware or a Virus attack on your computer.

Essential things to be considered before troubleshooting -

  1. Ensure that there is a proper internet connection with the right signal strength to your computer.
  2. Ensure that you have an active QB Payroll subscription.
  3. Ensure that while you update your QB Desktop and Payroll, it is in the ‘Single-User Mode.’
  4. Ensure that you have activated Internet Explorer as your default internet browser.
  5. Ensure that the ‘Date & Time’ setting at the right bottom corner of your computer screen is accurate and current.
Note: QuickBooks Error PS 060 can happen to both QB Desktop as well as QB Online users. So, the troubleshooting method and steps can be different for the same cause.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error PS060 efficiently?

There are various troubleshooting steps for QB error ps060. If the main reason behind its occurrence is late payment of bills and subscription setting, then follow the given steps -

First of all, click on “My Account.”

Then, select the appropriate company for which edition is required.

Now, go to the billing section and press “Edit.”

After that, verify if all information is perfect and remove the wrong entries with correct details.

Then, to update your payment details hit on “Save and Close.”

Now give a bird’s eye view on the preview of billing details.

Then, if you are satisfied with the billing details, click the “Save” button.

Finally, click on “log out.”

By following this troubleshooting method and steps, you can quickly resolve QuickBooks Error PS060 efficiently on your own. If the same complication with the same error message and code appears, contact the QB Error Support Team at the earliest without wasting your time.

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