Friday, 8 November 2019

Here’s How to Import QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Import QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Import QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online 

Accounting application QuickBooks offers a cloud-based version, known as QuickBooks Online. This Online version of accounting software allows you to access your financial data away from your office or residence. You can manage your bank account, transactions, Payroll reports, and many more from any corner of the globe, all you need a fast Internet speed to open your QuickBooks Online.

If you are a QuickBooks desktop user, so there is good news for you. Now you can convert QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online in a few easy steps on your own. All the related information is given below that how can you import your QuickBooks Desktop version to QuickBooks Online version.

1. Verify the File Requirements- Users can import QuickBooks Desktop data to QuickBooks Online within the first 60 days of subscription, if you have passed this time limit then you need to follow these steps: 
  • First of all, find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor who can help you to convert data files within the first 180 days of subscription. 
  • Now create a new QuickBooks Online subscription using a different email address. 

Note- Verify the total target count in QuickBooks Desktop as overall targets can not exceed 350, 000 at once. Now open your QuickBooks desktop file and press F2 to import the data files.

2. Prepare Your Data to Import- We can complete this task in three main steps;

  • Update your data
  • Complete Outstanding tasks
  • Backup Your Data
3. Create a QuickBooks Online Account- In the process of Importing to QuickBooks Online, you need a QuickBooks Online account. Set up a new account by providing an email address, name & mobile number.

4. Open QuickBooks Desktop Account- Access your QuickBooks desktop you are converting all the data from because you need to export all files into QuickBooks Online.

5. Click on Export Company File to QuickBooks Online Option- Go to the company menu and click on export company file to QuickBooks Online to export all the saved data of QB desktop.

6. Open Your QuickBooks Online Again- Enter your User id & password to access your QuickBooks Online account once again.

7. Indicate You Want Inventory or Not- Talk to your accountant before exporting your inventory because whenever you bring over your inventory, you need to report a change in your inventory method on your tax return.

8. Choose Your QuickBooks Online Company- Create or select a QuickBooks Online company that you want the data to import in it.

9. Copy Your Data File- Copy your data file to finish the import. Once all the files have been copied, you will get notification saying; we are on it. Click on OK, Got it. Once your data is ready, you will see a window; Congratulations, your data is now available on QuickBooks Online. Select complete the setup and finish the process of Conversion to QBO.

In this blog to import QuickBooks Desktop to Online our steps have proved effective. Still, if you find any issue, contact QuickBooks experts through toll-free number (844)-888-4666 and get round the clock support directly.

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